Portico is a leading Central & Eastern European real estate investor and developer focused on primarily food-anchored real estate in quality locations that are integrated into sustainable communities creating a long-term stable cash flow operating on behalf of a leading U.S. institutional investor.

Portico’s dedicated management team is part of a broader real-estate platform – Aevitas Property Partners (www.aevitas.com) and is specialized in researching, sourcing, underwriting, structuring and executing asset- and entity-level investments. Through Portico, we have established in-house fund-management expertise and institutional quality reporting processes, including financial and investor reporting, operating reviews and platform-level annual business planning.

What makes us different?

Efficient and Fast

Fast decision-making with committed equity to invest

Excellent track record

51 assets, over 110,000 m2 of retail space, across Hungary and Romania developed and/or acquired since 2008

Secured Capital

Secured, long term Capital from a leading U.S. Institutional Investor

Committed to quality

Highly motivated and professional teams based in Hungary (HQ) and Romania

Proven experience

Cross-border transaction and proven portfolio management experience, enhancing investment value and tenant performance


International partners and tenants

                                          Investment Criteria


Portico invests in:

  • Long leased stabilized properties, preferably anchored by a leading grocery retailer in an economically and demographically strong area
  • Typical property investment volume: € 500,000 to € 5,000,000
  • Typical property size range: from 400 sqm to 5,000 sqm

Other investment structure which can be considered:

  • Forward purchase of properties under development which are to be completed in the following 6 to 12 months
  • Older properties in densely populated locations with shorter leases of less than 10 years and potentially vacant space that may need investment, redevelopment and re-leasing
Primary focus
  • Local supermarkets & grocery stores integrated into residential communities
  • Prime located high street & city centre stores (including non-food)
Secondary focus
  • Other food store-anchored assets, such as retail parks, smaller local shopping centres & petrol stations and high street retail
Which countries?
  • Primary focus markets: Hungary and Romania
  • Other countries considered: Baltic countries, Slovenia, Austria, Serbia and potentially other CEE countries

A streamlined investment process

When the required information about a property has been gathered, our investment process follows a transparent partnership approach. After signing a Letter of Intent, we then continue with our technical and legal due diligence jointly carried out by our own in-house team as well as our external advisers. Ideally, the whole process takes no longer than six to ten weeks, depending on the complexity of the transaction and the quality and completeness of the information provided to us by the seller.

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Bank Center, Citi Tower
H-1054 Budapest, Szabadság tér 7.
Telephone: +36 1 302 9231
Facsimile: +36 1 302 9017

Colonel Constantin Blaremberg 4-6, Ap 1A
Sector 1, 011879 Bucharest, Romania
Telephone: +40 21 794 3537


Corporate contact
Isaac Dahan, Partner
Email   +36 1 302 9231

Zoltán Tersánszky, Country Director
Email   +36 1 302 9231

Razvan Gaita, Country Director
Email   +40 21 794 3537

Acquisitions Hungary
Jenő Faragó
Email   +36 1 302 9231

Acquisitions Romania
Cătălin Secăreanu
Email   +40 21 794 3537

Leasing Romania
Cătălin Secăreanu
Email   +40 21 794 3537

General Enquiries
Andrea Barkó
Email   +36 1 302 9231

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