Oradea Plaza, mixed use asset, office & retail

Property location

Romania – Oradea, 1 Cetatii Square, Bihor County


Downtown central location with excellent accessibility and visibility. Located approximately 1 km from City Hall, on the main E79 road with direct public transport access.

Plot size

6,860 m²

Rentable area

7,229 m²

Available space

1,840 m² office; 307 m² retail

Key Tenants

Billa, eMag, RCS&RDS, Sensiblu, Vodafone, Orange, Update Norbi, Blondy’s Art, Café, RoCredit, IDM, ING, Recus, Accesa IT Consulting, Ericsson, Tecknoworks, Fercam, Rogerdis, Medline, Laguna Medical, Techrus, BAV Amanet

Parking spaces



Current population of Oradea is 200,000 inhabitants; city serves as gateway for traffic between Hungary and Romania.

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